!!! C O M I N G U P !!! Do you believe in God or do you believe in Aliens? Live Performance

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As we all are very well informed and aware of whats going on in the world and it's hard to escape the mass media coverage of daily news we are also occupied by the problems of our own lives. Not seldom we chose to blur our vision and try to escape from the madness which surrounds us each day. Some of us chose to completely blend out everything which is negative and try to escape to a better world without problems, a world where the sun always shines. Others try being super aware of whats going wrong and try to put all their energy into problem digging and preaching the right way to live. The are many ways to see the world and there are many ways to cope with problems. The performance has a serious sub text but wants to entertain and let people enjoy the show.

The story follows the Shaman - standing for our ancient roots, a time where we were more connected to nature and the world we are living in - being expelled from the uterus and raining to earth, wandering around looking for his place, recognizing that the world he has gotten to has no space for him. It's only bearable if he bends. Like we are watched by someone all our lives the Shaman is followed by Guardians, being watched by his attempts to find his way.

The Shaman represents the part of our ancient past, in which our ancestors were much more connected to nature and animals and the world they were living in. In our fast moving times of technology and daily updates we loose touch to the simple things and get lost in a strange and alien world which has become a natural part of our lives now. The end waits up with the transformation of the guardians into apocalythic riders and resolves in an acopalyps.

The Guardians are the eyes watching over us. They can be seen as cctv cameras, police forces, teachers, neighbors or family members. Protection can be good, sometimes prevent others in doing harm to you, helping you, sometime prevent you from doing something stupid, sometimes to hinder you in going where you want to. Guardian angels are no absolute good or evil. But it is good to have them?

How distortions are made

The drum kit and the computer boards are being used as a controlling devices, following the performance through its parts till the end. The distortion we add to the images are similar to the attempts of the conscious to break through when you try to repress something but you won't let it.

When Starting in the uterus everything is calm but first waves of confusion (distortions) announce a change. When dropping out of the belly and arriving on earth, like a rat baby - blind from the first day on, learning to see - flashes of impressions and interferences of the outer world making it hard to recognize a clear image in the beginning. The process of orientation always is being interrupted when perceptions are being made. It works its way up to the end where it climaxes into an apocalyps of noise, light and music.

sample for manipulating the image with a drum kit


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